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Our Story

The Guild Combination (TGC) has well over 20 plus years experience in the advertising and design industry. Since our Inception in 1989 our everyday goal has been to exceed customer expectations by unique offerings and service. TGC has a reputation for excellence in design, production, successful execution and implementation.
Our Services

Our Services includes but not limited to: 

Research and Conceptualisation - 85%
Mining Offset Solutions - 75%
Biodiversity Economy Development  - 90%
Adult Education - 65%
Social Impact - 45%
Graphic Design and Printing - 45%
Multimedia Campaigns - 55%
CBNRM Solutions - 65%
SMME Programmes/Solutions - 55%
Benefits Of Using Us

Project management
Proven expertise in managing complex projects, within a constrained time frame
Time frames
The Guild’s reference is to manage projects as per project implementation plans, we have turned around many complex, multi discipline projects when we have had tight time frames. We have never missed any parliamentary deadline with all the annual reports we designed.
Research and materials development 
We have extensive experience in developing innovative and contextually relevant materials which are designed to work for a particular purpose and target audience.
Design and Desktop publishing capability
We are expert in designing and developing contextually relevant and visually appealing annual reports, strategic plans, posters, leaflets, pull up banners, pop up banners, gazeebos, tear drop banners, corporate identity manuals but to name a few for the target audience.
Knowledge of adult learner needs
The team includes expert learning material developers who have designed learning material for a variety of contexts, always ensuring that they are ‘fit for purpose
Contextual knowledge
We have worked with many government and the private sector in South Africa and beyond, we understand that one size does not fit all. 
Innovative approaches
The team is able to apply innovative and fresh approaches that bring a new perspective.
Our Devoted Clients

At TGC every client below is special, every idea we offer is valuable, every project is unique and our prosperous relationships are built only on faith and mutual respect.