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Social Impact

Social impact from TGC’ perspective is the effect / change an organisation's actions or activities have on the well being or social fabric of the local communities.Organisation such as SANParks, has a positive social impact on local communities in areas they operate by providing Community Based NaturalResource Management programmes for the communities living around the parks.

As Meredith Kavanagh will put it “Social impact spans not only the non profit industry but also the corporate arena. Non profits need to showcase the impact that they are making, what their role is in providing solutions to particular issues, or what they are doing to create sustainable, measurable solutions. Corporations want to and need to be part of the social impact narrative too, whether that’s through CSR programs, supporting local or national non profits financially, or through grants. Consumers are increasingly looking for corporations that are socially minded. Corporations must also showcase the impact that they are making on a community and how they are affecting social change.”
SANParks-Social impact report
This is a project TGC did for SANParks in 2011, what TGC wanted to demonstrate was the overriding difference that SANParks were making with rural communities living adjacent to a Protected Area,... 
DEA-People & Parks research report
In 2010 we were awarded a contract to produce a best practices report for Community Based NaturalResource Management for DEA, this involved desktop surveys as well as site visits to...